Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Digging Resumes for 2008

With the weather improving, at last, I have opened a new dig for 2008 measuring 1 by 1.5 metres and I have just cleared layers 1 and 2 - as quickly as possible.

I decided to put this pit in between Test Pit 2 and Trench 1 that I showed in the layout in a previous entry called Rock Bottom (dated 10/04/07). I realised that the incidence of domestic remains like pot boilers, bones and copious sherds of pottery had been falling off as I have progressed away from the test pit I dug in 2003. I am hoping that I will reveal more of that in this latest dig.

The photo above shows the positioning of the test pit in relation to the approximate sloping side of the Iron Age ditch feature I am digging into (shown as a red line). The other side of the ditch is out of shot on the other side of the fence on the left. I expect to dig into the deepest part of the ditch.

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