Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The Background in a Nutshell

Digs in previous years uncovered a ditch feature with a depth of 1.5 metres running for 10 metres between the furthest apart digs conducted to date. The width of the ditch at its top is approxiamtely 3.8 metres. The ditch runs into the garden at an angle to the boundary.

The main discovery in the ditch over the three completed digs has been copious pieces of "local coarse ware" pottery which has been dated by experts to the late Iron Age. Accompanying this has been a smaller quantity of Romano-British pottery.

The photo shows the new dig for 2007, in the foreground, in relation to the projected edge of the ditch (marked by orange tape). The test pit is approximately 6.5 metres from the last trench (3 m x 1m) dug in 2005.

The aim is to show whether or not the ditch feature continues further into the garden.

As of the date of this post I am clearing level 4. I referred to this in my previous post as "where the fun starts" because it is the level at which I have previously found signs of the Iron Age.

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