Sunday, April 8, 2007

Wild Speculation

I have learnt that it doesn't pay to speculate on what type and date a piece of pottery might be. But that doesn't stop me doing it!

In looking through the reference books I have to hand (I have listed them in the sidebar) this sherd seems closest to a Stamford ware crucible judging by the shape of the rim (from the A. J. Mainman book). There is a deposit on the outside of the sherd that could result from use in extreme heat. But this is wild speculation!

Although I show the sherd in cross section I do not think I have got its inclination right. It probably sloped inwards on the actual vessel.

I will not attempt to guess at this one but it does have a distinctive rim shape (like the top part of the Times Roman number "1"). I am hopeful that this, with the colour and type of fabric, will enable an expert to give it a date.

My first stop for dating will be the regional Portable Antiquities Scheme. This time instead of taking along a few pieces at a time I will take everything from the one dig and leave it for identification (if they will have it!).

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Richard Havers said...

I saw your post on the Bill Wyman article on the Times web site. I'm a friend of Bill's and so I've passed your web site along to him. Good luck with your dig!