Thursday, April 5, 2007

Well it interests me ...

I haven't found anything valuable at all and the only metal objects to surface have been relatively recent iron nails and the like. But that doesn't mean it isn't exciting to dig. Pieces of pottery are exciting enough but every so often something really catches the imagination.

In level 3 of the latest dig I found a number of partially green-glazed sherds in close proximity. I always check if similar pieces fit together. Although the breaks didn't match I realised that one piece which looked like part of a rim could actually be part of a lid. When I put it against a piece that was definitely a rim I concluded that they came from the same vessel!

I need to get the pairing checked and also have the type of pottery identified and dated but in the meantime I'm sure that I've found my first piece of a lid. Also, I've no doubt that the rim carried a lid as it is damaged on its upper surface consistent with constantly having something knocked against it.

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